Agile Transformation

Software developers of the 21st century need to realize that succeeding fast is not as important as adapting quickly to a dynamic business environment. Agile, in principle, is all about changing directions to adapt and experiment under varying market conditions. The fact that user requirements are no longer 'stable', makes it more important to undergo an Agile Transformation.

Since the nature of business is different for different organizations, there can never be a single, all-encompassing solution to go “Agile”. Therefore, at Infotree Technologies, we make collaborative efforts to develop tailor-made agile transformation strategies for every client. Our approach is based on resolving current challenges and preparing the pitch for strong and pragmatic change management environments in the future.

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Our Agile Transformation Services Offerings

Infotree Technologies's Agile Transformation services are not limited to a particular segment of the market. We serve a diverse range of clients with our multiple Agile-development approaches. Right from evaluating the Agile maturity of your organization to the implementation of Agility practices, we will always have your back.

Agility Assessment

The agile readiness of an organization directly influences the success of an Agile Transformation. Diverse quantitative and qualitative measures are used to evaluate your organization's Agile Maturity. We connect with all members of the organization and assess them individually to prepare a report about Agile readiness. Recommendations are made based on these findings to use a suitable Agile Transformation approach.

Agile Consultation

We provide expert advice and consultation at all steps of your Agile Transformation. We start with consultation on early structural changes to facilitate the formation of cross-functional teams. We help you develop a focus on analytics for proper growth monitoring. As the transformation advances, we chalk out plans to give hands-on training to employees and help teams realize their current position in terms of Agile Maturity. Our consultations don't end until we assess the agility after the implementation of the strategy. A targeted approach is used to plug any loopholes and deal with the grey areas.

Agile Implementation

Since all work at Infotree Technologies is collaborative, we work closely with the clients to form a pilot team to kickstart the journey towards Agile Transformation. The framework and strategy for implementation are validated, and transformation is tracked at every stage through measurable results. The team is equipped with more knowledge and skills at every point so that they can sustain the Agility when our consultants leave. The process continues, and more such teams get trained systematically.

Agile Implementation

We ensure proper coordination between different teams and leaders to facilitate Agility in the truest sense. For this, we train our clients or heads of organizations to hold critical discussions, leadership seminars, and strategic meetings. This way, cross-functional teams will be created that work for consensus.

Benefits Of Our Agile Transformation Services

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Why Infotree Technologies?

Infotree Technologies can help you create diversity in your organization and ensure that every team that practices Agile is unique. We help you in creating cross-functional teams that are capable of organizing their work in sprints, prioritizing pending work, and re-thinking their work strategy frequently. Overall, an Agile transformation with Infotree Technologies will make your organization tread on a path of continuous improvement.

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