Application Development

Application Development refers to the process of developing a singular computer program or a set of interdependent programs with the aim of performing different tasks for an organization. In the modern scheme of things there exists an application for everything. From monitoring attendance and tracking employee performance to keeping track of inventory and quarterly reports, every aspect of your business can now be automated courtesy of applications.

Application Development service consists of gathering requirements, testing, designing prototypes, and carrying out the eventual implementation and integration. At Infotree Technologies, we take care of this entire pipeline and execute all the functionalities that come associated with it. We help you build applications that contribute actively to the growth of a company by converting traffic into customers and boosting your sales numbers in the process. Besides, our applications also pride themselves on delivering a superior user experience to your customers, thereby inspiring greater interaction and loyalty.

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Our Application Development Services Offerings

Application Development comes in many shapes and sizes, and we’re well versed with the entire spectrum. With our Application Development Service in your kitty, no problem-statement is out of reach anymore.

Custom Application Development Service

Everything seems fine with off-the-shelf development till they start disagreeing horribly with specific business demands and requirements. That is when our custom application development team comes into the picture. We go a step ahead and engineer, integrate, and develop custom applications that are ideal for both consumer-facing and corporate environments. Written in Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, and other programming languages, these apps can be distributed across all mobile and web devices.

Mobile Application Development Service

The modern-day cell phone has more applications in it than it has contacts. Our mobile application development team helps you create dynamic and user-friendly apps that not only capture the imagination of your users but which also make their lives a whole lot easier. Further, our services also extend towards helping your IT team develop customized integrations and features that facilitate flexibility, scalability, and interoperability.

UX/UI Design and Development Service

Our team of talented engineers and developers helps you build applications that have extremely responsive and interactive user interfaces. Subsequently, this enables you to transform user experience across multiple devices and channels. Moreover, we make use of all the latest architectures and UI/UX technologies to deliver the next generation of digital products.

Cloud Application Development Service

Infotree Technologies state-of-the-art cloud application development team visualizes, develops, and implements inventive Cloud Applications that are exceptionally agile and highly performant. Besides, these applications also offer IoT solutions, unmatched interoperability, legacy app modernization, cloud-native architectures, cloud-ready app migration, and much more

Web Application Development

Our progressive web application development team utilizes API ecosystems to deliver a standard user experience on a singular codebase. In the process, you get apps that are as conversational as they are cognitive. We prioritize the integration of our data-driven insights into our application ecosystem which allows us to offer immersive experiences possessing VR, AR, and mixed reality capabilities.

Security and Compliance

Along with providing you with top-notch applications, our services also ensure compliance with all the relevant data security regulations including GRC compliance, Financial Services compliance, PCI compliance, NDA compliance, HIPAA compliance, and more. Apart from these, we also take into consideration additional compliances and regulations which might be a part of the project that you are working on.

API Integrations Services

Our engineers integrate existing business systems with third-party APIs with the aim of harnessing important features and data sharing faculties within your web and mobile applications. Additionally, our custom API service lets you securely extend your application’s functionality to achieve improved performance and interaction, fulfilling your core business objectives in the process.

Data Migration and Consolidation Service

We help you converge all of your critical data into a secure and single form of access through our Database Migration, Cloud Migration, and Legacy Data Migration services. This allows you to view your data in real-time on a centralized system as well as eliminate data redundancies, hence ensuring data integrity

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Benefits Of Our Application Development Services

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Why Infotree Technologies?

Whether it is a consumer-centric app or an app for executing large-scale enterprise functions, our application development team enables you to come up with a solution that braves all weathers.

From the initial ideation to the eventual delivery, we take care of the full application development cycle. We build apps that are not only original in concept but also feasible and sustainable in nature. Our acute understanding of business requirements allows us to come up with applications that are completely in line with your objectives.

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