Application Modernization

The advent of the digital era has resulted in a drastic change in consumer behavior all across the globe. In order to keep up with this evolving trend, modern-day industries have had to embark on elaborate digital transformation journeys. At the forefront of this journey, lies the crucial aspect of application modernization. It not only efficiently addresses the challenges faced by legacy applications but also helps industries cater to their dynamic requirements without skipping a beat.

Application modernization is a multi-pronged process that primarily includes the steps of app assessment, app enhancements, platform selection, app migration, and visualization of requirements. Infotree’s skilled Application Modernization team navigates you seamlessly through these processes to deliver apps that are in line with all the latest IT trends. In the process, we help you cut down on unnecessary costs and incorporate an entire range of new functionalities.

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Our Application Modernization Services

Our dedicated team of skilled engineers and developers helps your business stay relevant by building applications that are agile and extremely efficient. The experts at Infotree Technologies carry out a thorough analysis of your operations to provide you with the most optimal modernization strategy.

Application Modernization Consulting

Our team carries out an end-to-end investigation of your legacy applications’ infrastructure and code to understand the requirements that would drive forward the transformation journey of your applications. In the process, we make sure that you are able to derive maximum value from your existing installations.

Legacy To Cloud Migration

Based on your business requirements, we give you the options of rehosting, re-architecting, and re-platforming your existing applications with the aim of delivering the smoothest possible migration experience. Migrating your legacy apps to the cloud helps you not only boost your service availability but also upgrades your security by a great deal.

Application Reengineering

With the vast suite of legacy skills that Infotree’s Application Modernization Service possesses, you also get the option of either restoring or modifying the code and designing your existing and long-established applications.

Application Recoding

We make use of modern programming languages, databases, and frameworks to revive your legacy applications that are based on outdated platforms and obsolete technologies.

Application Containerization

Our Application Modernization team’s proficiency with containerization technologies enables us to fashion isolated app packages out of your applications and their various parts.

Application Rationalization

We go through all of your apps to provide you with a rationalization strategy that determines those apps that are in urgent need of upgrades and others that need to be migrated to the cloud.

Benefits Of Our Application Modernization Services

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Why Infotree Technologies?

With Infotree Technology Application Modernization Service by your side, your business gets the liberty of coming up with strategic and game-changing innovations, all while cutting costs at redundant corners.

Right from the initial stages of assessing your legacy applications and visualizing the transformation requirements to implementing the eventual processes of cloud migration and application re-platforming, our team ensures that you derive maximum benefit at every step of the modernization cycle.

In order to be ready for the future, you must take steps in the present. Take the first step towards that journey with Infotree Technology. If you wish to share your concerns or discuss any issues with us regarding application management services, feel free to get in touch with us.

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