Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring tools and services give you the opportunity to view the performance, availability, and user experience meted out by your applications from extremely close quarters. Such detailed observation helps your IT and DevOps teams to identify and resolve critical performance issues, enabling them to maintain the consistency of your service.

Application Monitoring involves carrying out an end-to-end scan of your entire technology stack to derive a unified view of the performance of all applications that are powered by this stack. Infotree’s team of Application Monitoring experts helps you isolate and compartmentalize these issues with the view of accelerating application deployment and subsequently delivering improved business outcomes.

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Understanding Our Application Monitoring Offerings

Our diverse suite of Application Monitoring services not only helps your business build better quality applications but also allows you to foster an improved degree of cross-team collaboration.

Web Application Monitoring

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of your applications with the help of Infotree Technologie’s code-level insights and distributed traces. Further, our low overhead agent plays a significant role in facilitating production, development, and quality assurance environments.

Multi-cloud Monitoring

Our multi-cloud monitoring service allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of your public, private, and hybrid cloud resources. In the process, it also gives you the liberty of both troubleshooting application performance as well as monitoring loads on cloud platforms such as Azure, Oracle Cloud, AWS, GCP, and OpenStack.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Exercise unwavering scrutiny over the performance of your business infrastructure such as servers, web & application servers, and VMs with the help of our infrastructure monitoring service. Besides helping you diagnose performance issues and outages our experts also offer support for infrastructure and application components.

Database Monitoring

We help optimize the performance of your applications by checking your system for critical database issues and subsequently resolving them. Our agentless monitoring tools extend to databases of different categories including NoSQL, big data stores, and RDBMS.

Smart Alerts

Our Application Monitoring Service dispatches real-time smart alerts that enable you to get to the root cause of a problem without sparing a moment. Additionally, we also help you establish self-healing and workload distribution functionalities.

Advanced Analytics

Our pre-built reports let you stay on top of all the latest trends by working in interactive and personalized features into your applications. Besides trend analysis, these reports are also capable of capacity planning, and forecasting growth.

Benefits Of Our Application Monitoring Services

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Why Infotree Technologies?

Monitoring and obtaining feedback on all the key features of your applications is as vital as powering them with new upgrades and innovations.

Infotree Technology, through its end-to-end Application Monitoring Service, helps you stay on top of all your root performance causes and resolve them at the earliest to ensure that it doesn’t have any impact on your business continuity.

Step up your Application Monitoring capabilities by partnering with Infotree Technology. If you wish to share your concerns or discuss any issues with us regarding application monitoring services, feel free to get in touch with us.

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