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Cloud Computing is a technology that has been ruling the IT Industry for a very long time. The future belongs to the Cloud. All prominent businesses are already migrating to Cloud computing, and new businesses in the future will inevitably get started in the Cloud itself. With the help of Cloud Computing, you can create your own digital environment for business which will meet the growing requirements and increase productivity. A serverless era has begun. Are you ready to adapt to this change?

Switching over to Cloud computing can't be done without assessing all pros and cons. A lot of responsibility lies on the shoulders of the Cloud Service Providers to ensure that the services are efficient, affordable, and secure. Infotree Global has helped several organizations in managing variable workloads by providing highly reliable Cloud services.

For a thoughtful migration to the Cloud, choose Infotree Technologies.

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  • Our experts will help you identify the business opportunities that you can grab with Cloud services.
  • We will curate a customized strategy to implement Cloud applications in your business setting.
  • Constant monitoring of performance and continuous rectification of errors after implementation.
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Our Cloud Computing Service Offerings

Having spent the last decade experimenting and refining our Cloud Computing Services, we now have a robust delivery system that has transformed business operations for several enterprises already. Be it migration from on-premises systems to the Cloud, or optimization of existing Cloud servers, Infotree Technologies is here to modernize your work environment completely.

Cloud Applications For The Future

Infotree Technologies Cloud applications are created with a vision to provide long-term benefits. To achieve this goal, our developers focus on deploying Cloud Applications that have a scope for scalability. With our Cloud computing services, you'll never have to worry about hitting limits and paying for useless servers.

Our Cloud Applications are designed to be browser-friendly, based on mobile-first development techniques. Enjoy a rich database functionality, with our business-oriented apps like ERPs, CRMs, etc. These are all highly compatible applications that can be integrated with any hybrid, public or private server. In all, our Cloud applications are highly accommodating and future-proof.

Thoughtful Cloud Migrations

Migrating to Cloud systems after using traditional physical servers for years is not an easy transition. We understand that, and hence undertake collaborative projects where we work together with your IT team to migrate every app, digital roadmap, and infrastructure to the Cloud. The plan is to make all your services and applications blend seamlessly with the Cloud.

To improve the quality of operations and limit system downtime, we also provide refactoring services for your updated Cloud infrastructure. We always attempt to facilitate automated migrations. Our parallel migration approach has helped several clients in undergoing Cloud transformation without any loss in functionality.

Robust Cloud Computing Framework

With our highly professional Cloud architecture, we ensure that your migration is smooth, with proper communication established between all pivotal data processes. For smooth sailing, we create hybrid solutions on private and public servers, so that all your applications and services merge with the Cloud effortlessly.

For every cloud application, we prefer developing service-oriented architectures. This helps our clients in integrating third-party solutions quite easily. Our framework also provides enough scope for the integration of APIs that enable you to access all your Cloud resources faster. This way, with Infotree Technologies robust Cloud Computing framework, you can enjoy a rich feature-set.

Seamless Cloud Backup

Data loss is a big concern for most organizations. We provide due protection from such losses with our resilient Cloud backup solutions. Our Cloud backup allows for better data security and backup frequency.

Infotree Technologies Cloud storage solutions show excellent data compliance and run on reliable IaaS services like Google Cloud Platform, AWS, etc.

Get Anything-as-a-Service

Our "Anything-as-a-Service" Cloud-based offerings can improve your expense model, help in expediting development and delivery, and provide access to good resources for high-value projects. These include SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.

Strategic Cloud Containerization

Infotree Technologies applications support containerization. Containers allow users to package all their services or digital products and run these widely distributed applications without needing separate virtual machines for each of them. We mainly use Docker containers, as they support Cloud migration and scalability.

Secure Cloud Storage

To ensure high security for your data, we comply with regulations meant for different industries including legal, medical, and HR software environments. All our Cloud solutions are integrated with CASB for better protection against data breaches and leakages.

Convenient Cloud Document Management Systems

We develop Cloud-based storage solutions for efficient document management. These end-to-end encrypted solutions will allow you to discard physical document management systems forever. With our Cloud Document Management Systems, owners get the right to data governance for any information repository. It is possible with the integration of Informatica.

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Benefits Of Our Cloud Computing Services

Types of Cloud Computing Services

By availing of our cloud migration services, you will be experiencing effortless and efficient digital modification. The entire transformation to the cloud is done utilizing the correct strategies and collaborations along with proper schemes. Our services consist of client-centric approaches and are solely focused to benefit our client’s businesses.


Get SaaS applications like ERP, CRM, Document Management systems, etc. as part of our "As-a-Service" development offerings.


Get access to computing resources online without having to purchase and manage any digital infrastructure.


It allows rapid prototyping because of pre-built sophisticated tools. Used for developing cloud-based applications due to its high responsivity.

Function as a Service

Considering the higher productivity rate of FaaS, we use this service for data processing and managing the backend for IoT devices.

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Why Choose Infotree Technologies?

Infotree Technologies is one of the leading Cloud Computing Service providers across the globe. We are providing numerous types of cloud servers like public, private and hybrid. We have a group of talented cloud experts who are known for building efficient applications and migration solutions to cloud servers. Whether you choose AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure as your cloud provider, our developers will build applications on any of them. According to the client’s requirement, we use Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Function as a Service (FaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service types.

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