Cloud Enablement

Allowing innovation to occur at a faster rate, lowering the business costs, enhancing accessibility, and providing scope for scalability. If your existing cloud system does not guarantee any of the following, then it is certainly restricting your growth. Cloud Enablement has become the need of the hour for organizations like these, as it is the only way companies get to make their Cloud servers future-ready.

Infotree Technologies's Cloud enablement services help organizations in evaluating their current landscape and deploy suitable resources to increase the efficiency of their Cloud systems. With a team of experts, we strategize and put in place a plan which is tailor-made for each client.

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Infotree Technologies's Growth-Oriented Cloud Enablement Services

To help your organization realize the true potential of Cloud technologies, Infotree Technologies' offers the following Cloud Enablement Services:

AWS Cloud: Secure Cloud Solutions

We help clients build a Cloud-based digital platform customized for their particular user requirements. All our solutions that are built on the Amazon Web Services platform are capable of supporting scalability, flexibility, and affordability. Working on AWS allows us to provide services that are highly secure and meet industry-specific demands as well.

Integrated Cloud Management on Cloud 360

We partner with Cloud 360 to help clients who require a multi-cloud environment for their organization. With Cloud 360, we ensure that tracking progress, and managing infrastructure and applications becomes easy. 



Expedited Cloud Transformation

Since the immediate application of cloud services is important for your organization's development, Infotree Technologies ensures a fast and reliable Cloud migration process. We undertake automated and parallel transformation procedures, such that there is no loss in functionality and the migration is completed in less time. 

Robust Cloud Strategies

Even after Cloud migration is completed, organizations require meaningful strategies to ensure that they utilize the full potential of the Cloud. With our proven methodologies and industry experience, we help organizations strategize and deploy resources for better Cloud utilization and cost management. 

Fully-supported Cloud Migrations

Talking more about our Cloud migration services, we do not limit ourselves by implementing only our proven and trusted methodologies. We evaluate every client's portfolio first and suggest changes for a smoother migration accordingly. In all, the complete migration process occurs under the supervision of our expert team.

Strong Protection and Security

We comply with all industry-specific regulations for cloud migration. Thus, the client data and applications remain secure even with a complete overhaul and transformation of servers. 


Comprehensive Cloud Development

By combining private, public, and hybrid clouds, and using our Agile development solutions, we create Cloud systems that are future-ready. We develop cloud-based platforms that are enriched with our technologies and microservices such as DevOps, containerization, virtualization, and PaaS.


Regular Application Refactorization

Simple migration to the cloud is of no use until you focus on refactorization. Infotree Technologies offers comprehensive refactorization solutions for all your applications so that they become ready for functioning as efficiently as possible on the cloud platform. To do so, we undertake activities like application re-engineering, re-hosting, and enterprise integration.

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Advantages of Infotree Technologies Cloud Enablement Processes

Types of Cloud Technologies

 Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-service is all about providing virtual resources so that developers can expedite their work. Here, the computing, storage, and networking resources are supplied on demand by the IaaS provider.

 Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

Platform-as-a-service involves providing a ready-made application platform for the developers to use. Essentially, an operating system and physical infrastructure are supplied to every client. Moreover, the responsibility of ensuring the security of client applications and data, and a seamless user access experience is an important aspect of this service.

 Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Software-as-a-service or on-demand software delivery is the practice of providing licensed access to software to multiple clients on a subscription basis. In this, a cloud service provider acts as the central host who can be contacted by several third-party organizations for the software service.

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Why Choose Infotree Technologies?

Cloud enablement is not an easy task to execute. Without the optimal skill set and expertise, development or migration to Cloud networks can be a disaster. Infotree Technologies has successfully assisted hundreds of enterprises in going through the Cloud enablement process. All organizations are different, and thus, we assess and implement customized Cloud enablement methodologies for every client.

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