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Are you looking forward to enhancing your company's productivity? Then it is time you upgrade to the cloud from your conventional infrastructure. Opting for cloud migration enhances a company's chances of achieving better output. It also helps in decreasing the physical asset requirements and expenses as well. In today's situations, cloud migration is considered a smart choice as it provides better agility, flexibility in your work and also maintains the thorough security of your assets. Gone are those days when cloud migration was an option, now it is an utmost necessity to enhance your company operations.

Our cloud migration services provide exclusive features which encourage non-cloud users to make a change in their preferences and shift to cloud computing. On choosing our cloud migration services you will be giving your company operations a major boost, apart from that the implementation and licensing expenses will also get reduced to a huge extent. We will also make sure your data is secured with top-notch security services, so no more worries about malware or hackers.

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Empower your business with our cutting-edge cloud migration services

We offer comprehensive services to upgrade business processes with modern approaches, applications, and digital transformation to the cloud. Our exclusive cloud migration services focus on benefiting our client businesses thoroughly with full customization, top-notch security maintenance, and guidance from experienced project managers. Starting from strategizing the migration systems, SaaS implementation, digital conversion to the deployment of applications everything will be done by our team with utmost efficiency.

Cloud migration consulting

We perform extensive examinations of the persisting application and IT requirements in order to create a migration protocol. Our team also focuses on taking suggestions from users and collaborators for better adaptation.

Cloud Modernization

We will provide proper guidance in cloud adaptation, SaaS implementation, software recasting, and setting up comprehensive digital transformation. Your company operations will be getting a major push towards success with our modernization protocols.

Cloud Optimization

Our team focuses on extensive services to manage cloud workloads and minimize the influence of TCO followed by negligible coding modifications, migration errors along comprehensive cloud management.

Cloud Security

We maintain comprehensive and customized security solutions for network protection, virtual private network, firewalls, and a lot more, so no more worrying about getting your data exposed to hackers or malware either.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We perform efficient deployment of virtual servers for carrying out real-time backup and storage of information. We make sure our backup solutions are characterized to fulfill and manage unique business requirements.

Cloud maintenance and support

Our Cloud Maintenance and support services come with effortless transition along with enhanced user adoption along with Ad-hoc and SLA-dependent support systems for migration. We make sure every little issue is cleared associated with post-migration as well.

Cloud engineering services

Our Cloud engineering services highlight comprehensive re-platforming, re-hosting, and re-engineering to make applications cloud-friendly. We make sure our services strengthen the cloud’s capabilities in simplifying complex business requirements and facilitating growth.

AWS Migration services

Our AWS migration services comprise seamless transition procedures along with the delivery of top-notch Agile Cloud adoption schemes. We focus on building up the correct strategies and present you with excellent solutions associated with cloud migration.

Azure Migration services

We provide an effortless migration to Azure Cloud from data centers following an exclusive application plan consisting of re-hosting, re-factoring, re-architecting, and re-building. We focus on presenting more benefits in Azure migration which conventional data centers can never match. 

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Benefits of our Cloud Migration Services

Our capabilities

By availing of our cloud migration services, you will be experiencing effortless and efficient digital modification. The entire transformation to the cloud is done utilizing the correct strategies and collaborations along with proper schemes. Our services consist of client-centric approaches and are solely focused to benefit our client’s businesses

Efficient Modernization

Top-notch skills are utilized in transforming the conventional systems with comprehensive cloud technology which enhances your company productivity and user experience as well.

Comprehensive Migration

Radical cloud management and migration systems to automate the entire transformation process, decrease downtime, and achieve better control over streamlined operations.

Thorough examination

Extensive testing is carried out in order to ensure that cloud apps function efficiently after the migration process is completed.

Attestation and Support

Proper attestation or documentation is provided in order to enhance self-reliance, maintain top-notch practices to observe systems, and also check for the indications of maintenance.

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Why Infotree Technologies?

With our cloud migration services, you will be getting enhanced cloud migration strategies with cutting-edge approaches to automating IT operations in order to modify the cloud infrastructure along with customized solutions where we will customize our services to enhance the cloud potential according to the client's needs while keeping in mind the industry requirements. We focus on keeping our work procedures up to date and follow Agile development methods where you will be experiencing spontaneous project delivery, all-rounder training guided with comprehensive support, and steady connection between all stakeholders. 

We focus on the spontaneous deployment of approaches to keep the operations steady along with seamless remote support other than that post-migration assistance is provided by efficient customer care executives as well.

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