Corporate Overview

As one of the leading global IT consulting firms, Infotree Technologies' has established itself as a reliable, competent, and inventive partner for thousands of enterprises across the globe. Our robust, and cost-effective solutions not only help businesses overcome their IT challenges but also paves the way for an efficient workflow to improve productivity directly.

A company that values continuous learning and upskilling, Infotree Technologies delivers solutions backed by emerging technologies and proven methodologies in a frequently changing business environment. This way, our services cater to every aspect of complex IT implementation projects very comprehensively.

A stellar commitment towards bringing a positive and impactful change in business communities encourages us to explore, experiment, and innovate continuously. Infotree Technologies holds strategic partnerships with some leading global technology vendors to offer our clients the best and the most industry-relevant services.

To help our clients succeed in a dynamic business environment, we offer scalable, flexible, resilient, and agile offerings. This way, we are determined to empower our clients so that they remain on top of all changing market trends, and sustain even in hostile conditions. An array of Cloud offerings, complemented by DevOps, Agile Transformation, Virtualization, and Big Data services, makes Infotree Technologies an all-encompassing solution for every IT-related business challenge.

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Infotree Technologies' advanced methodology is backed by positive results and involves a perfect blend of error-free implementation, prudent quality checking, and thoughtful data analytics to churn out actionable insights.


Thoughtful planning and strategizing directly influence the success of a project. Our team planning is a collaborative effort where we indulge in rigorous brainstorming to chalk out the architecture for completing the project successfully.


Our expert analysts perform a detailed analysis of your existing resources and future goals to develop useful BRDs and FRDs.


Our business analysts further work in conjunction with enterprise architects to prepare the detailed user requirement document and finalize it for approval during this phase.


This is the phase where our architecture, development, quality checking, and delivery teams work in synchrony to create and implement the required solution as per business requirements.

Quality Assurance

Our methodology gives superior importance to rigorous quality checking and assurance. This way, we ensure that only the best product or service gets delivered to the end-user.


Preparing a maintenance and monitoring plan for our projects is an integral part of our work methodology. We specialize in Agile solutions, where constant interaction with our customers enables us to make timely and meaningful changes.

The ethos and ideology of Infotree Technologies is the guiding light for our team to strive for better results every time. The agility in our work culture, accountability towards our clients, and the zest to keep learning and bettering ourselves is what keeps Infotree Technologies' flag flying high. The pillars of our organization are:

Product Thinking

For us, a product is not just a service, it is like a child that we nurture by giving it the best of everything. Being a company that values relationships, the team at Infotree takes time to understand the client's vision and put in a dedicated effort to experiment and innovate products that help them in achieving their goals.

DevOps Mindset

Infotree Technologies wishes to radicalize software development and delivery by seamlessly integrating the work of the developers and the administrators. Our DevOps mindset is the reason why so many organizations have become more accountable, transparent, and enterprising when it comes to software development.

Continuous Learning

The primary reason behind our success has been our resolution to only utilize advanced and proven methodologies. For this, we have cultivated a work culture where learning and updating skills is an ongoing and mandatory process. Consequently, all our clients receive world-class IT consulting services, based on modern technology and innovative ideas.

Customer Service

Enhancing the end-user experience is always the final objective. From day one we make efforts to improve engagement with our clients. We make collaborative plans where the representation of client goals is always paramount. An unwavering focus on creating loyal and long-lasting relationships is what makes Infotree Technologies the leading IT consulting firm today.

Culture and Diversity

Infotree Technologies has a work culture that thrives on teamwork and encourages experimentation and innovation at all times. With a workforce comprising employees with different skill sets and backgrounds, each member of our team brings value to our projects. Constant feedback, recognition, and reward for excellence is the core ideology of Infotree Technologies.

Core Values

Infotree Technologies has never compromised on its core values of integrity, accountability, empathy, inventiveness, and loyalty. That's why, we have not just created a conducive work environment, but also established faithful relationships with clients.

Experience Life at Infotree Technologies

Life at Infotree Technologies is much more than work, money, and deadlines. The work environment here is such that it prepares you for all kinds of adversities to help you emerge as a better working professional with each passing day. A constant encouragement to explore cultivates values of inventiveness in all team members.

Beloved Workplace

With team members from different places, educational backgrounds, and skillsets coming together to work, life at Infotree becomes a learning curve for all employees.

Infinite Opportunities

We recognize and appreciate the efforts put in by every employee of the organization. Therefore, as Infotree Technologies grows, each team member gets ample opportunities to shape their personal growth as well.

Right Environment

The constant emphasis on teamwork and giving respect to each other is a cardinal feature of the work environment at Infotree Technologies. Thus, an atmosphere is created where every employee gets motivated to perform consistently to the best of their abilities.

Growth Programs

Learning is an ongoing process, and the need to update skill-sets is the most important aspect of working as an IT consultant. We realize that it is a crucial requirement of our organization, and thus, hold regular upscaling programs to empower our workforce to deliver modern solutions with higher productivity.

Our Mission

Infotree Technologies is on a mission to deploy the most advanced technologies, tools, and business solutions to help our clients overcome the existing challenges in their operations. We are dedicated to bringing talented professionals on board, and inspiring them to innovate solutions that are capable of transforming businesses.

We are determined to approach every new project with a fresh mindset, with the prime objective of value creation being at the heart of all our strategies and methodologies. Infotree Technologies will always strive to fulfill its social responsibilities, and we shall always focus on contributing towards community development by becoming an intellectual and social asset.

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep learning, updating, and adding value to our services to become the global leaders in IT consulting services. Our objective is to deliver high-quality solutions at affordable prices, and we aim to leverage upcoming technologies to provide tangible business benefits to our clients.

We aim to be an inclusive organization providing ample opportunities to the differently-abled community as well. Infotree Technologies wishes to grow as a team, and we work hard towards increasing our Consistency, Preparedness, and Passion for the enablement of all our partners.

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