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Thousands of projects across the globe fail because of the lack of communication between developers and administrators. Refined and polished software will always remain a far-fetched dream until a culture of collaboration is allowed to germinate.

Operations and Development engineers need to work together for the entire service life cycle to ensure lesser errors, bugs, and downtimes. DevOps is the future. It is the true collaboration between engineers, processes, and technologies that holds the power of revolutionizing software production completely.

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Our DevOps Service Offerings

Expediting development projects and improving the delivery time for solutions are important factors that influence the growth of an organization. A strong balance between software development and operations is needed to achieve these targets. To enable organizations to resolve all their DevOps concerns, Infotree Technologies offers these all-round services:

Cloud Infrastructure Management Support

The kind of management strategy that you put in place for your Cloud infrastructure, will directly affect the allocation and delivery of resources for all your operations. At Infotree, we guarantee proper management and optimization of your Cloud infrastructure to make your cloud computing experience flexible and scalable.

Insights on Configuration Management

Complex software systems, containing elements of different varieties, require reliable insights on configuration. With our robust Configuration Management services, your developers will become capable of expediting every project by gaining access to automated tools for management and monitoring of configuration data.

Checking, Refining, and Integrating Codes

Maintaining a uniform coding style helps in improving the efficiency of software development. With regular code reviews, our expert team will assist you in finding defects and help you identify areas of improvement. This way, Infotree’s comprehensive code inspection services support the maintenance of a consistent design for code integration.

Applying Automation In DevOps Practices

Automation is the central need for any DevOps project. Infotree provides automation support from the generation and pushing stage of the code till the system monitoring stage. Our automation strategies can help you increase the speed, consistency, and accuracy of project management and deliveries.

Scale Your Staff

Many development projects require additional staff members to meet quality standards and deadlines. With our staff augmentation services, you get to outsource your work to meet business objectives. With consistent support and nurturing, we can help you achieve your project targets in time.

Services for Virtualization

Testing and developing new ideas in physical settings requires a lot of expenditure. To help IT and developer teams reduce these costs by allowing them to test in virtual and simulated environments, we provide virtualization services for applications, servers, networks, storage, etc.

Custom Pilot Framework Development

We create pilot frameworks for organizations so that they can implement DevOps strategies. With our thoughtful pilot frameworks, organizations can experience improved efficiency in operations and will eventually be able to ensure agile deliveries.

CI/CD Pipeline for Better Integration and Deployment

Availing our continuous integration or continuous deployment services will help you bridge the gaps between development and operations. With our CI/CD pipelines, organizations become capable of consistently automating activities of building, testing, and delivering.

Secure Connections Between Development and Operations

We help clients safeguard their DevOps environment through our highly specialized processes, policies, strategies, and technologies. We instill an increased degree of security in every process of the DevOps life cycle. This way, from the inception of your code to the release and delivery of software, everything remains protected.

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Our Approach To Streamlining DevOps


User requirements and shortcomings are first identified and noted. These are processed by our experts to make early technology decisions, and in determining future roles.


We design the first look and feel of your product. Work on enhancing user experience, prioritize uplifting essential features, and then make strategies for a large-scale release.


After determining time and cost estimates, a launch plan is curated. Various experts join hands to facilitate a full-proof execution.


From code generation till the delivery stage, we track the progress of our DevOps services and provide regular deployment updates.

Benefits of Our DevOps Innovation Services

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Why Infotree Technologies?

Our dedication towards plugging any gaps between development and operations in organizations has helped us in serving hundreds of clients to date. Our innovations have led to the creation of advanced delivery frameworks for all kinds of applications. Our DevOps endeavors are based on a high-tech toolchain network that enables early initiation and successful termination of projects. With a state-of-the-art DevOps Cloud platform, we can help you manage research, development, and delivery at an excellent speed with a high degree of security.

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