Enterprise Architecture

Sound Enterprise Architecture is key to an organization achieving improved business capabilities and results. By mapping technologies, applications, and data to the business functions they support, Enterprise Architecture serves the crucial purpose of bridging the gap between ideation and implementation.

Infotree’s powerful enterprise architecture framework provides your business with a design for their operating and business models and helps in the identification of all relevant opportunities and risks. In the process, we not only enable you to create technology roadmaps but also empower you to deliver the desired business outcomes.

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Infotree Enterprise Architecture Smart Offering


We visualize IT initiatives for your business to enable you to deliver tangible business outcomes. Our primary aim lies in establishing IT as a differentiator for business. To that extent, we prioritize avenues that harness the potential of IT for your business.


Infotree helps your business leverage state-of-the-art technologies in order to achieve greater agility and cost-efficiency. Our experts carry out a thorough assessment of your legacy technologies and architecture and suggest the most optimal modernization strategies.


We provide you with avenues to let you enhance your architecture-based capabilities and subsequently make them more actionable. Besides aiding in the design of the platform, we also offer active assistance during its implementation. 


Infotree’s skilled Enterprise Architecture team oversees the complete renewal of your current IT landscapes, thereby giving you the chance of improving your core systems to drive agility, digitization, and new business capabilities. 


With the help of our rapid business incubation pilots, Infotree allows its clients to drive their ideas to implementation and deliver maximum value to their customers in the process. By incorporating elements such as self-service agents and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in your business, we help you realize an unparalleled end-user experience.

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Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Methodologies

The Zachman Framework For Enterprise Architecture

Our proficiency in the Zachman Framework allows us to implement frameworks that can overcome the inherent complexities associated with traditional information systems architecture. Such a framework helps you create tangible business value through architectural representations while also allowing you to evaluate the prevailing operational tools. 

The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF)

Infotree’s skilled architects are adept at designing TOGAF frameworks for businesses. These frameworks are ideal for implementing, designing, maintaining, and guiding the construction of enterprises with the help of controlled phases.

Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF)

Recognized as an ideal collaborative methodology for private enterprises, Infotree helps in the implementation of the FEAF framework for those businesses that wish to foster a common approach for the integration of business, strategic, and technology management as part of performance improvement and organization design. 

Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture Framework

We facilitate the implementation of Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture Framework for businesses that prioritize the accomplishment of business outcomes over abstract phasing. Devised by IT research and insights giant Gartner, this framework is ideal for combining business owners, technology implementors, and information specialists into a single unified entity.

Benefits of Our Enterprise Architecture Service

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Why Infotree Technologies?

At Infotree, we are committed to helping businesses visualize their organization in terms of its business entities, relationships, and properties through its Enterprise Architecture Service.

Besides bridging the gap between your ideation and implementation, we also help you initiate meaningful dialogues within the information systems community. Take the first step towards intelligent EA frameworks with Infotree Technologies. If you wish to share your concerns or discuss any issues with us regarding Enterprise Architecture, feel free to get in touch with us.

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