Quality Assurance and Testing Automation

Automation testing is carried out by businesses to make sure that their latest releases remain bug-free while providing the same level of functionality as before. Quality testing is intrinsic to every software development process and helps companies amp up the efficiency of their products by a great deal.

At Infotree Technologies, we provide our clients with QA automation that helps them avail the benefits of lower costs optimized development workflows, faster releases, and uncompromising finished product quality. We not only encourage your participation in every delivery phase but based on that we chalk out strategies and timelines that best suit your requirements.

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Meet Your Testing Automation Challenges Head-On

Infotree’s IP-led and platform-independent test automation framework helps you validate as well as automate complex business processes across multiple industries without skipping a beat. In the process, we also help you with

Finalize the test automation tools that best suit your business.
Overcoming a deficit of scripting experts and pre-built automated. test suites
Resolving migration challenges encountered while modernizing. legacy automation scripts

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Software QA & Mobile App Testing

Infotree’s team of skilled test architects and seasoned engineers leave no stone unturned in delivering a top-notch and advanced QA testing service for your web and mobile applications alike. To ensure thorough compliance and uncompromising software quality, we tap into the immense capabilities of IoT, innovative AI, and RPA technologies.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Our team provides you with 360° penetration testing and IoT security services to help your business balance its time-to-market pressures with ease.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our use of powerful AI-powered tools including computer vision, machine learning, and NLP enables us to provide you with extremely intelligent software QA testing for your applications.


Robotic Process Automation

Infotree Technologies develops state-of-the-art QA testing solutions via its smart leveraging of RPA technologies. These solutions are tailor-made for taking care of unit and regression tests.

Quality Assurance and Testing Automation Services

In today's era of global interconnectivity, our application security team ensures that your applications stay free from the security threats and violations that frequently plague these networks

QA Automation Testing

We provide our clients with full-cycle and end-to-end QA automated software testing services for their web, mobile, and desktop applications with the aim of improving product quality, enhancing test coverage, reducing the overall testing frequency, boosting productivity, and optimizing testing activities.

QA Functional Testing

Our progressive QA functional testing services focus entirely on keeping unprecedented and undiagnosed software behaviors and functionality defects at bay to help you step up to the expectations of your end-users.


QA Manual Testing

Our experts carry out detailed manual testing of your web, mobile, and desktop applications to diagnose bugs and eliminate all critical errors. We also facilitate the confirmation of your compliance with the prevalent regulatory standards.

QA Usability Testing

Our intelligently designed QA usability testing platforms make use of specific client-centric UX research methods and usability testing tools to help your business evaluate the flexibility and user-friendliness of your application and website. 

QA Performance Testing

Infotree’s engineers develop non-functional QA performance testing solutions that help you validate the scalability, speed, responsiveness, reliability, and other critical functional features of your applications.

QA Penetration Testing

Infotree’s sophisticated penetration and network testing solutions simulate real-world attacks and high-impact security breaches, thereby giving you the scope of addressing your cybersecurity issues on the move.

QA Localization Testing

With the help of our QA localization testing solutions, we aim at verifying whether the localized content is contextually, linguistically, and culturally correct. In the process, we help you examine the functionality of these localized operation systems as well.

QA Regression Testing

Our QA regression testing solutions work towards eliminating the adverse effects of problematic occurrences on crucial functionalities of your applications in the event of code changes.

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Quality Assurance and Testing Stages

The testing process adopted at Infotree Technologies is rigorous in nature and comprises several steps with the aim of delivering an end-product that is unparalleled in quality.

Quality and UX Audit

Our engineers carry out a thorough examination of the UI of your product at the end of which they offer you suggestions that are aimed at enhancing your user experience.

Performance Evaluation

We evaluate the performance of your applications under different environments to understand their stability and scalability in relation to varying user loads.

Security and Compliance Tests

We diagnose and resolve all possible vulnerabilities and threats in your applications so that it remains free from security risks at all times.

Code Reviews

We assess the consistency and quality of your code and provide suggestions on scopes and areas of improvement.

Software Validation

To make sure that the delivered product fulfills all requirements and performs all the desired functions, we carry out software validation testing towards the end of the development process.

Software Maintenance

To ensure that the performance of your product always remains consistent, post its deployment we meticulously test all the changes that are incorporated into it during the software maintenance stage.

Our QA & Testing Automation Service Benefits

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Without sound application security measures, a business can never hope to win the trust of its customers via its products.

At Infotree Technologies, our Application Security team looks into the planning, designing, integration, implementation, as well as deployment of security strategically into every step of the development lifecycle.

Seal the trust of your customers today by partnering with Infotree Technologies Application Security services. If you wish to share your concerns or discuss any issues with us regarding application security services, feel free to get in touch with us.

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